Text 16 Jun happy at home?

I came back to the United States of America Last week. I had been waiting to get back for so long. To say the least I really didnt get the welcome I expected. Things have a way of happening to me like that.

At first I could not go straight home. I was supposed to meet my extended family in North Carolina. Easy enough feat. It was nice to see everyone but It was stressful being around so many people being as it was the first time being in the states or with my parents for the first time in 6 months. I worked through and had as much fun as I could. I missed the green of Everything.

Finally in good ol’ PA. I love this state so much. Finally home. well what I didnt remember or i guess i didnt know is that my core family is having some troubles. The worst is my brother and father. things have escalated since i was last home. the two of them never really got along. My brother who was always the golden child with his hockey playing is now a regular grunt like the rest of us. He isnt handling being the bottom well. My father is extremely strong willed and bull headed. It comes from his childhood of being beaten by his father who is bi-polar. He never hit me or my brother growing up. But we could always tell he harbored alot of anger at the world. Well these two mix like you think they would. The week before I came home the finally went at it. My brother tried to hit my dad with a pickax. Luckily he missed and only hit his knee. the two of them have been at odds ever since. My poor mother, who has never been a pinicle of mental health, has been bearing this frustration and anger since I left. I dont know how much longer the poor woman can take it.

The last bit of topping on this disaster sundae is that my uncle from Israel told us at the last minute that they are staying for 2 weeks at our house. Suprise!!! He has 3 small children: 8,6, and 4 years old. None of the kids speak english. ALL hebrew and choppy hebrew at that. they are really like hurricanes to what is normally a relatively quiet house. Their mother is a nut job. She has no idea what its like to live in the real world. to work until you cant move because you have no other choice and to hunt and grow your own food. She tried to tell me that we should all get new jobs because we lift too much and that we eat too much meat. The whole time I wanted to shout at her. Its been horrible listening to her tell me what is wrong with everything I ever grew up with in life. to hear her complain and critic all the simple things I love. She even told me that I should leave my girlfriend and i kid you not “go fuck more women”.

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